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Noah Prescott. Singer, guitarist, actor, model


Screenplays. Teleplays.
Jeff Marler --Screenwriter

Olga Simon

 Jobs in the biz.
Vic Phillips --Screenwriter

New site. Screewriting links, contest, other info on managers, agents, producers.
Jason Waters. Actor, television and features.


Get out of Dodge, Perfect Game,  Children of the Corn 111, Inner City Blues, Indian Summer.


Days of Our Lives- Co-Star
Seventh Heaven- Co-Star
Pacific Blue

And more....
Don Vasicek author and screenwriter.

Born to Win (1999)
Warriors of Virtue (1997)
Oh, The Places You Can Go (1996)
Faces (1994)
Rob Blue. Screenwriter and Filmmaker
James Stevens-Arce, best selling author of

Winner of the 1997 UPC Award / New from Harcourt.

James-Michael Owen.  Writer and Director of Photography extraordinaire in the Southeast.
For those rare books you've been looking for. Reed has them, and he's a terrific guy to boot.
Tell him Margo sent you!
Register you screenplay. Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has introduced this registration to its members. Excellent.

FREE Internet community offering filmmakers, animators, writers and composers global promotion through streaming media and personal websites.

Membership web site for studio and indie producer. PUBLIC messageboard and chat room.
Industry Resources store
Alliance of screenwriters
Speaks nationwide at schools to persuade kids that drugs and gangs jsut aren't worth it. Many TV appearances.
Message board, classifieds, links.
The Hollywood Connection
The Motion Picture and Television Industry Professional's First Stop
Screenwriting resources
Loads of screenwriting and production links
Terrific site for downloading screenplays
Everything you need. Release forms, contracts.
Packed with information.
Acting, writing, and production resources
Pitch ideas for TV series
Audio of professionals discussing the development process
Info on sleuthing and law enforcement
Job openings in film, including New Line Cinema, 20th Century Fox, etc.
"Done Deal" site
For NYC actors and writers
Development news, interviews, reviews
Terrific screenwriting program in "Windows" type format. Lots of goodies with this program.
Extensive list and search function
Script Library
Film and TV directors. All working directors.
Filming: where, who and when
Status of films in production.
Member directory
Audio interviews with agents, directors, producers.
LA, NY, and European production companies.
Rare Books. A very good, long-time, friend. Tell Reed I sent you.
The ultimate for films in development, production. The latest scoops too.
Industry resources
Industry resources
Charles Deemer's site
Lots of links
For help on legal questions/legal research
Sister list to my screenwriters e-mail discussion list. For screenwriters who want to discuss current events.

Screenwriting email discussion lists
"LLS" (log lines and synopses peer review and honing before you send them out.
World Events discussion list (est. April 24th)

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