About Maggie

That's what everyone calls me even though my name is Margo. I like it that way.

I know why you're here. For the same reason I am. Screenwriting. It is your passion as it is mine; just can't live without it. Screenwriting gets in your blood and it stays there; once you're hooked that's it, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I've been working steadily in the film industry since 1984. Before 1984? I was a writer in search of an agent. Oh, I found three in one year -- and I bounced from one to the other. All were respectable but there was something lacking; personal attention and true caring about my career. It was all spit and polish --none of the lets get down and dirty and build a career. I had an agent but I felt ...alone.

I decided if this was happening to me that it was happening to other writers. What to do? I know... establish my own agency. And I did. Flash forward over ten years later....

The itch to return to my own writing was almost paralyzing. I did not have the time to write and the frustration was building. Plus, I felt that pursuing my own writing career, while representing other writers, was...unethical even though people kept telling me it wasn't. Also, the time I would have spent writing would have meant less time for my clients; that would not have been fair to them. What to do? There was only one thing to do. Scratch the itch.

I left "agenting" and turned to my writing. Writing two scripts back to back and placing both of them with great companies within months of each other. But something was missing. My clients. I missed my clients! Who would have thought! I needed to work with writers. I wanted the best of both worlds.

I turned to consulting and haven't looked back while pursuing my own writing. This past summer I made deals on three of my screenplays.

I truly have the best of both worlds now. Ain't life grand!

So, that's why I'm here: To help you explore and conquer the world of screenwriting.