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                         AERIAL (OS)
            ..and then suddenly I was feeling
            his weight, really feeling it-- I
            couldn't move, and it felt so
            good..and his small moans and
            breath in my ear... so warm, and--


                         SARI (OS)

            --and I thought, my god, I have
            never in my life been fucked like



A large warm room. Fresh flowers everywhere. Deep leather
furniture. Bookshelves overflowing.

AERIAL, thirties, sits curled, swallowed up in a huge
leather chair. Empty Brandy glass in her hand.

SARI, same age, just a little overweight, sits on the
fireplace stoop.

            --and I started feeling guilty and
            loving it at the same time.

Aerial stands--her lithe body moves to the bar. She pours
another brandy.

Sari tracks her.

            And suddenly Chase was watching you
            from above - floating in an
            ethereal haze.

Aerial turns to her, a small devastatingly sad smile. Nods
her head.

            Aerial, dead men have no eyes.

                                            GO TO BLACK

                         AERIAL (OS)
            9 1/2 Weeks.


                         AERIAL (OS)
            He's seen it. How else could he
            know all the--.

Sari breaks into a barrel laugh O.S.

                         AERIAL (OS)
            No.. he's better than Mickey.

Harder laughter from Sari.

                                            SMASH CUT TO


Sari is rolling in laughter on the bed.

Aerial comes out of the dressing room in a change of clothes.
Black top. Black skirt. Large silver earrings stark against
her dark hair. Sexy and beautiful.

            He is.

Sari stops laughing and sits up on an elbow. Stares at Aerial.

            But you need this. It's been too
            long. You really need this.

Again, Aerial looks desperately sad.

            No I don't.

                                            SMASH CUT TO

Blackness is desperately yanked up. A flash of sliver. Then
more black and a flash of silver dropping down.

A silver earring spins to the floor.

Aerial's black eyes comes out of the blackness, then close.
A flash of arm. Then a strip of her black bra passes quickly
over her face.

Her hair falls over her now half closed eyes.
Male hands pull frantically at the blackness of her skirt....
pulling down, exposing flashes of thigh.

Aerial's eyes are closed, her head thrown back exposing her
white neck, as...

The crotch of faded jeans. Her hands frantically open the
button and then find the zipper.

Lips moving down her breasts.

Her hands groping... and then finding.

                                            SMASH CUT TO


Horses graze under the full moonlight.

A shriek of pleasure from O.S. and the horses raise their
heads. Look. Then go back to grazing.


The deck extends from the second story of a large house
overlooking the large expanse of pasture. The horses graze
in the b.g.

Aerial's long hair spills over the railing. Then to her
hands gripping the railing as she is repeatedly slammed from

Her moans become animal, deep and guttural.


The horses look up again.


Aerial straightens herself. Naked. Arches her back and is
slammed one last time. Her eyes are glazed. Lids half open.
And then her eyes close.


Dimly lit by candles.

Aerial's eyes open. She turns her head to the night stand,
and to...

a PHOTO of a man in his thirties, CHASE. Sharp blue eyes,
back hair. He's standing on the side of a snow swept
mountain, skis dug in.
His grin says this is where he wants to be.

Aerial reaches out -- lightly touches and circles his face.
Then her hand moves the 8x10 aside.

Behind the photo is another photo of Chase with his arm
around another skier--making the "V" sign behind the skier's
head. The other man is SAM laughing. Handsome. Tan.

She stares at the photo for a beat, then replaces the photo
of Chase. She turns her head to...

SAM, late thirties. His eyes are closed, his longish hair
spills over his forehead.

Aerial's hand reaches in and lightly brushes the hair aside.

            I've got to go.

            No you don't.

            Yes. I do.

Still his eyes remain closed.

            You don't have to do anything you
            don't want to do.

            She'll be home soon.

His eyes open. Incredible gold eyes. They pass from her face
to her breasts. His index finger circles her nipple. He
leans over and kisses her nipple, and she..

moans ever so lightly and turns into him.

And then he's up -- moving to the bathroom.

She watches. Aching for him again. Then closes her eyes.



OS sounds of heavy construction accompanied by rock-n'-roll
and men shouting. A crash.

Aerial sits in front of her computer, rubbing her forehead --
opening and closing her eyes--squinting. Major headache.
She reaches forward and turns down the rock n' roll coming
from the computer speakers.

She bends her head and fluffs her long hair so that it looks
windblown. She doesn't bother to smooth it down when she
looks up. Her hair looks beautiful anyway.

She turns back to the monitor. A screenplay in progress.


As it is typed on screen...

                   (into phone)
            Yes...hello. Hello?
            Sam? My god. Sam!


Aerial stares at the monitor for a beat. She leans forward.

            Sam? Where did that come from?

She shakes her head in disgust, deletes "Sam" and replaces
it with "AARON".

She leans back. Sniffs. Then turns her head...sniffing some
more. She looks confused for a beat, rubs her nose.

Then a crash OS. And then another one interrupting her


Aerial giggles as she grabs a tea cup on the desk and moves
to the closed door. She opens it a crack, peeks out, and
looks down the hall to the living room beyond.


"Hayes Construction" Tee-shirts. Tight jeans everywhere.
Tool belts slung low on hips. Tight asses. Everywhere.
Ladders, 2x4's, sheetrock.

Aerial smiles. A little. She moves down the hall into the
living room. A dozen construction workers' eyes track her to
the kitchen beyond.

Teacup in hand, Aerial moves to the teapot and starts to pour.

                         MAN (OS)

Aerial startles. The teacup drops to the floor and shatters.


            I'm sorry, ma'am. Here, let me...

Aerial turns to a large FOREMAN in his fifties, pants
hanging off his ass. He kneels down to pick up the shattered
cup. His "crack" smiles at her.

Aerial cups her mouth to keep from laughing and spins away.


She turns back..still trying not to laugh. He looks like a
little boy holding out a gift of cup slivers.

            Thank -- thank you. Just over there.

She nods to the trash can. He dumps the slivers and turns to

            Just to remind you ma'am; we won't
            be here tomorrow.

                   (near desperate)
            But-- Why not?

            We're finishing up another job.
            Tomorrow's the last day and then
            we're all yours.

Her face drops. Disappointment. Suddenly lonely.

            Excuse me Ma'am, I'll get back to
            work now.

He turns to leave.
            Oh! Jack...?

He turns back to her.


            The guys aren' know, smoking
            pot or anything... are they?

            No ma'--

            I mean...I don't care, I was just--
            I smelled -- It doesn't matter.

She smiles.

            I'll see you when I see you.

He nods and smiles, and turns to leave as the phone on the
counter rings. She grabs it like a life preserver and speaks
the same words written on the monitor.

            Yes...hello. Hello?
            Sam? My god. Sam!!

Excerpt #2


The door opens. Sam steps through followed by a tentative
Aerial. He flips on the TV as...

Aerial glances at the door then makes a move for it.

            Where are you going?

Aerial's hand stops at the doorknob. She turns back to him.
He is so enticing. Her hand moves to the lock.

            I - I'm just checking the lock.

            I'm going to shower. Be right back.

She nods, then plops down on one of the beds. She looks
uncomfortable, almost pained. She takes a pack of cigarettes
from her purse -- lights one. Paces.
                   (to herself)
            Stupid.. you're so fucking stupid

She turns to the bathroom then back again. She grabs her
purse -- heads for the door. She hesitates then spins and
throws her purse on the  bed.

            It's his car!

She stamps out the cigarette in the ashtray, then lays
stomach down on the bed and stares blankly at the TV.

Sam comes in wearing a towel and lays down beside her.

            Did I tell you Sari stayed the
            night? I need to go--

She makes a move to get up.

            -and I only come to keep you
            company. That's all.

but his hand slips under her shirt, unhooks her bra.

She closes her eyes at his touch.

                                            SMASH CUT TO

The motel room is dark except for the glow of the television.
Sam and Aerial are in the throes of the most incredible 9
1/2 weeks/Kama Sutra.


Aerial lies in Sam's arms. She's almost asleep.


            I wonder if Kate's home yet.

Aerial's up like shot. She draws her knees to her chest.
Tight. She looks at him over her shoulder.

            You left your diplomacy at home too.

She jumps from the bed, angrily goes for her clothes.
He climbs naked from the bed and goes to her, tries to put
his arms around her but she jerks away. To her back...

            Please, no Aerial, listen. Don't.
            Please. I-- don't know what I'd do
            if you--. God damn it, Aerial, you
            make everything bearable. Please.

Aerial stiffens. Then turns back to him.

            And you make my life unbearable.

She makes another move for her clothes, but he pulls her
gently onto the bed.

He looks utterly miserable.

            Please. Stay with me. Please.

She turns on her side and slides away from him, but he turns
on his side and slips his arm around her waist pulling her
close, his hand cupping a breast.


Her hand reaches up and covers his.

Excerpt# 3


Sam's Ferrari sits in the driveway.


Aerial drives up. Rascal sits in the passenger seat. She
sits staring at the house for a beat before climbing out --
heading for the front door.

Barely audible VOICES waft from behind the house.

She changes directions -- walks around the side of the house.

                         SAM (OS)
            Not good enough. Put it here.

Aerial stops. Listens. Cocks her head.

                         MAN (OS)
            That's not working. I mean take a
            look, a good look. Look at it. Does
            it look happy? It's just hanging
            there. Limp.

Aerial's eyes go wide. She turns to go.

                         MAN (OS)
            It's not getting enough attention.
            Please, I have told you again and
            again it needs love and attention
            to make it grow. The longer the
            better, no?

She stops.

                         MAN (OS)
                   (verging on frantic)
            It needs to be touched and caressed!

She can't leave now.

            Well, if you'd come over when you
            promise maybe it would get some
            love and attention and get caressed!
            That's what I pay you for!

Aerial's curiosity is raging. She trots around the side of
the house.


Sam and old GARDNER stand by an array of shrubs, flowers,
and hanging plants. They're examining a limp hanging plant.

Kate stands off to the side. Hands on hips. Rolling her eyes.

            I'll fix it.

She moves to the plant, yanks it down. She throws it on the
ground and stomps on it.

Aerial stands transfixed.

The gardner rushes to the plant and falls on his knees.

            You killed it!

Kate smiles with satisfaction, and then looks up and finds
Aerial standing by the house.

            Who the fuck is she?

Sam turns...Utter fear.

Kate moves quicky towards Aerial.

Aerial tries to move. She can't. She's frozen. A nightmare.

            Can I help you?

She gives Aerial the once over as she nears.
Sam is close behind.

            Hi. Can we do something for you?

Kate puts her arm around his waist, smiles up at him sweetly
and lovingly. He puts his arm around her shoulder, then
removes it just as quickly.

            Well, I--ah..I'm lost. I heard
            voices, and I--

            Where are you going?

            I-- I'm trying to find the village?

            Really. You had to drive through it
            to get here.

            I did? No.. I came a back road from

            No problem. Turn left at the end of
            the driveway. Four miles. Can't
            miss it.

Aerial nods.

Kate scrutinizes.

            Thank you. I'll just--

She turns and walks back around the side of the house.

Sam disengages himself from Kate, turns to the now weeping

                   (to gardner)
            What's the name of that plant?
            What's the name!?

The gardner climbs from his knees with part of the destroyed
plant held reverently in his hands.

            "Wandering Jew."
Kate spits her words at Sam.

            How appropriate.