Remote Kill (sold)


Will enters -- looks up into the barrel of a .45 in the
hands of a PUNK less than five feet away.

A young MALE CLERK trembles behind the counter, eyes wide in stark terror.

                   (to Will)
            Get on the floor motherfucker!

Will calmly raises his hands.

            Whoa now, don't--

            Shut the fuck up! Get on the floor
            before I blow your fuckin' head off!

The clerk grips the counter -- raises his eyes to God.

Scream of a terrified young woman.

The punk jerks his head toward the stock room door, as Will snap kicks the gun from his hand, then a "Round house" to the groin.

Dazed and breathless, the punk drops to the floor, knees to chest, and retches.

Will kicks the gun away from the punk, as he pulls a Glock from beneath his jacket.

            Oh shit.


Will bursts through the door. Look to the left. Nothing.
Snaps to the right as another scream assaults the air.

A YOUNG WOMAN, face battered, clothes ripped, is pinned
beneath a large MAN forcing her legs open.

Will shoves his gun hard against the man's balls.

            Twitch and you're neutered.

He grabs the rapist by the hair -- yanks him off the girl.

The girl skitters, animal-like, to a dark corner.

            Go! Go!

She breaks -- runs -- as Will jerks the rapist backward.

            On your stomach. Now!

The rapist falls spread eagle.

Will yanks handcuffs from his back pocket, cuffs one arm of the assailant, then jerks him to his feet.

He handcuffs the rapist to a large bread rack on wheels,
then stares at him for an intense, cold, moment.

The rapist's eyes move to Will's eyes, and...

The rapist stiffens -- literally stops breathing for a beat.

Will turns to leave.

The rapist sucks air.

Will turns back to him. Smiles. Friendly.

            Oops, almost forgot.

Will's body spins -- his foot propelling into the rapist's crotch.


The rapist cries out in agony, as Will bursts out of the
stock room and skids to a stop.

Arm around her neck, gun at her head, the punk drags the girl toward the door.

            I'll kill her... kill her!

The clerk snaps his head from Will to the punk, then back
again. He ducks behind the counter.

Will moves forward, gun lowered at his side.

Hands covering his ears, the clerk watches Will through
rolls of lottery tickets.

            Oh Jesus God... Jesus God.

The punk aims the .45 at Will, while...

Will's gun remains at his side.

            Go ahead... kill a cop, you stupid
            son of a bitch.
                   (beat; sarcasm)
            Oh my, is that a siren I hear?

But there is no sound of a siren... yet.

Will keeps moving toward the punk -- eyes riveted to him --intense, the gun remaining at his side.

Blood suddenly spurts from the punk's mouth and nose,
splattering onto the girl's shoulder.

The punk's eyes are dead vacant as his arms fall away from the girl.

The punk's dead before he hits the floor.

The clerk scurries to the girl, embraces her as he leads her to a chair behind the counter.

Police sirens wail in the distance.

Will holsters his gun and moves casually to the beer cooler.

He grabs a six pack then goes to the counter -- pulls out

            No Sir! It's on me.

Will offers his first smile, and it's a terrific one.

            Much obliged.



The four men -- low -- running -- each finding a different point of entry into the Senator's house.


The senator brushes his teeth. MOZART is piped into the


Silent human cats, the four men move from room to room.


Will pops another beer and takes a hard swig.

            Don't you think you've had enough?

            When you're my friend you can ask
            me that.

Addison stares at Will, trying to get a bead.


            She knew everything. I told Maggie
            everything about Pegasus, Remote
            Kill, Saddam.. I couldn't keep my
            mouth shut.

A vicious swipe of his arm and the pyramid of empty cans
explodes -- flying everywhere.


An operative slinks up the stairs.


The maid stands still -- cocks her head -- listens, then
turns toward a whistling tea kettle on the stove.


Will paces. Energy with no place to go.

Addison's watches him, then looks down for a beat. Debating. Then...

            They doctored your psychiatric

Will snaps to him.

            I don't know why, but Senator
            Archer does. That's why he sent for


Now with a cup of tea in hand, the maid turns away from the stove.


Will stiffens; eyes flit as if in REM sleep.

Flash -- Tea splashes onto Archer's kitchen floor. The cup follows and shatters.

Flash -- The maid bound and gagged in her room. Eyes filled with terror, as a silencer is put to her temple and the trigger is pulled.

Will grimaces -- slams his hands against his temples.

Flash -- A shooter takes care of the sleeping Mrs. Archer.

Will moans and stiffens -- sucks in his breath.

Flash -- The senator in the shower -- face profile fully
lathered in soap.

Will staggers, drops the beer -- grabs the counter.

Flash -- Archer turns. The lather on his face turns red. His eyes roll and he drops.

Will's trembling as he turns to Addison.

            Your boss is dead.