Intuition and Higher Inspiration

All of us have intuition, although many of us choose not to listen to our "gut" feeling or that "knowing" that comes upon us at unexpected moments. Intutition does exist. Our ancient ancestors used it to keep safe, to find food; they used it to stay alive.

No one knows how intuition works, but clearly it is an inate survival mechanism that now goes way beyond survival. It tells us who is calling before we answer the phone, or who is visiting ten minutes before they arrive at our door. It tells a mother when her child is sick -- often before the child shows any symptoms. Often intuition will tell us when someone is in trouble and needs our help.

Although we all have this "talent" too many of us dismiss that "gut" feeling as wishful thinking or perhaps an unrealistic dread, and never take action based on that "knowing". The wonderful thing about intuition is the more you acknowledge and use it, the more it grows. And what's even more marvelous is that intuition can be used in writing. And when intuition is used in writing it seems to always work and facilitate the imagination.

Have you ever had an idea for a script that seemingly came out of the blue and dismissed it as not viable or a silly idea? Why would you do that?!  This is intuition...a knowing. Don't question where the idea came from --  what inspired it, because you won't find the answer. This is not an idea that springs from reading a newspaper or watching a film; it doesn't come from hours of wracking your brain to think of a story. It just is. It hits you. It has come from the deepest of wells... the inner you, and should not be dismissed.

Intuition is a writer's tool. Not only is it a wonderful tool for writing, but for selling as well. The internet is overflowing with production companies soliciting scripts. Writers are flocking to sites in hope of finding a producer. That's great, and the doors are opening, but a writer must be wary. Use your intuition, that gut feeling, that "knowing", when you first read a producer's solicitation. What is your first reaction? Does it "feel" right? Does it feel "honest"? If you have even a fleeting doubt then use that intuition and skip that solicitation. The same applies to agents. When you read about an agency what is your first gut reaction? Act on that reaction. When you talk to an agent for the frst time... what is your first reaction to his or her voice? If, right off the bat,  you get the slightest negative.... feeling then act on it. Don't go with an agent that leaves you feeling less than enthusiastic, just for the sake of having representation. Listen to your gut instinct and it will serve you well. If you are going through a list of agents and one company holds your eye.... then give them a call. Trust your intuition.

When you are working on a script, don't force something to work. If dialogue or a scene doesn't feel right it probably isn't. The same applies to a story that you have to work at, which brings me to higher inspiration....

You don't have to be religious to believe in "higher inspiration". But you know what I am talking about, I know you do. "Higher inspiration" is writing almost without thinking, and you wonder where the words are coming from; everything falls into place, everything flows, and you are so deeply involved that hours pass in the blink of an eye; the story feels right and it takes no effort to write. This is higher inspiration, and my belief is that the story is meant to be -- must be. Where "higher inspiration" comes from doesn't matter; the very fact that it exists and is meant to be used is what matters.

On the other hand, when a story is agony to write it is probably best not to tackle it. The stress and the hair pulling means this is not the story for you... that it is not coming from you. Most important, it means that you are not really interested in the story. If you aren't interested how can you expect others to find it interesting?

Trust your intuition and trust "higher" inspiration.