Just a few references....

***As a film/television long form producer, I am impressed with your knowledge and experience in the format.Your creativity, particularly in action sequences, has taken the material from the banal to the "good read" every producer seeks. Your input in the material you have sent to me demonstrates your taste and sensitivity to the commercial market. This is the toughest business in town, access is important, but only if your have the talent to back it up. However, in a town of only one chance, you are aware that shot had better be your best effort---and that only comes from the rewrite---and no one rewrites well in the dark. Thank you for shining your light on others' work---
--M.D. Humphreys, Producer film/tv, "Tailhook"ABC MOW.

***In April 2002, I was fortunate to have Margo commence a re-write and
polish on my feature screenplay- The Boys of Fraser St.
Margo's talents brought down the page count from 128 to 109 pages, while
maintaining the creative integrity of the film, and
raising the clearness, and quality of storytelling. We didn't loose a
thing, only gain everywhere. I consider Margo's work a valuable
asset to my film, and to anyone she works with. I look forward to
working with her for years to come.
Thank you for your talents, time and dedication Margo.

Shea K. Wageman - President

***  "Maggie is a real mentor: patient, experienced, honest, compassionate
and always there.  After two years of trying everything from studio coverage to Emmy-Award winning script consultant, she took me through the process, from finding my story spine to finished script, in three months. Thank you."

Chris Taylor

***You are nothing short of amazing (and you can quote me on that)!
Thank you very much for the detailed critique. Your comments are clear and
I liked the different options you presented as far as honing in on the real
story..... Again, I am so impressed with your expertise and diligence. I will let you know when I'm getting close to another version.

Many, many thanks!

** I'm certain you've heard this a zillion times-but you are AWESOME! Not only did your notes create a base for a much better work, but I learned a lot in the process!
In the future, I'll be sure to use your service (and refer it!) before sending out my scripts. The feeling of confidence I have in submitting this new draft and the things I learned from you while doing it have improved my confidence as a writer in immeasurable ways!

Thanks so much,

** When I sent my script to Maggie, I thought I'd just get back a few pages of advice, which would result in a few changes to a script I already thought good. Was I wrong!

Instead, I got great feedback, effecient and prompt, and a script with a good idea buried in it turned into something far tighter, more succinct, tense. I recommend anyone and everyone who's ever written a script to use Maggie's consultancy service.... Jon

**I needed to shorten the page count on my overly-long screenplay. Margo's editorial tips and story suggestions have helped immensely in making my
screenplay leaner without having to sacrifice anything crucial. She understands story and character extremely well, and her advice has helped to give my script
more emotional resonance. Her service is invaluable, and a bargain, to boot!
Robert Holbrook

**Margo's critique services are well worth every penny. She pointed out scenes that were too long and dialogue that needed tightening, and showed me how to
change it. I found the critique complete and in-depth, indicating elements that were needed to strengthen the plot, holes in the story, places where turning
points should be but missing the mark, and she showed me ways to improve it overall. I feel her critique and script analysis helped me not only with this
script, but will help me improve my other screenplays as well. Thanks, Margo.

Penny Burgess

**Margo Prescott knows her stuff. If you're serious about developing your skills as a screenwriter, she can help. I highly recommend the line-by-line editing

Patrick Smith

**I came upon Margo Prescott quite by accident. And a fortunate accident it has turned out to be. As a new writer, I struggled through several scripts, having only my own point of referance to rely upon.

Sure, I had friends who were more than willing to read a script and then heap on praise. Of course this kind of feedback was of little assistance. I was still at a loss. After contacting Margo, I sent her one of my screenplays and several weeks later I recieved a thorough and forthright evaluation. The depth of her understanding and her grasp on story telling astounded me. Through her suggestions, I have been able to breathe more life into the characters and the story as a whole. Hopefully, Margo will be of a mind to read all of my future work and can continue to lend her formidable expertise. Although inexperienced, I know the value of a dollar and feel that the fees Margo charges, are truly minimal for the experience and insight she lends to the experience of story telling. Keep up the good work.

Rick Kauffman

**I've heard it said, "Screenwriters are supposed to sweat - so sweat!" And that's aimed at established scribes, so we're talking buckets of sweat (and tears) for first-timers trying to break into the market. Like me. A year after enrolling with a home-study scriptwriting school I was struggling to get work assessed by a dysfunctional (and later AWOL) tutor. Finally, I clicked Margo Prescott's e-mail button. A month later my first script had been evaluated and reworked via e-mail in the most professional, yet relaxed manner imaginable (sure, writing movies is a serious business, with serious money at stake but, heck, it's good to have fun too, right?). I have three more scripts in the pipeline. None of them are going out into the
world until Margo gives 'em the onceover. Her fees don't break the bank, either.
William Higham, journalist/copy-editor, Queensland, Australia
*Margo gives a lot for the money. Very helpful -- and you'll still be able to afford Express Mail after you've paid her fee!

-J. Green

**I was 16 years old in Chevy Town and the whole worldwas measured in cubic inches: the V8 - 283 was cool, the 327 was hot, and the 409 was tits.
Margo Prescott can help you turn your six cylinder screenplay into a 409 - the lady's got screenplay smarts. When the light turns green I wanna be behind the wheel of that 409 so I won't let my agent see anything I write before Maggie's critical eye takes it for a test ride.

-Allen Cody Taube.

**Margo's critique was right on. She told me things I needed to hear, what I need to do to write a winner. In other words, she cut to the chase, a highly
appropriate image in the case of my script. I'm actually getting excited about what I can do with a rewrite. And yes, she'll see another one of mine.

-Genie Davis, Redondo Beach, CA
AVD Productions, Inc.

**Margo evaluated two screenplays for me and I was very pleased with her work. Her comments were to the point, honest and forthright, helping me to understand my
work and where I was having problems. She knows story and screenplay form and provides an understandable critique in concise form. I will use her services in
the future.
- Sean Rooney

**As a first time writer, I was lucky enough to have Margo review my screenplay. Here are some words that come to mind when I think of her attributes:
Open-Minded, Honest, Patient, Intelligent, Encouraging, Experienced, Dedicated,
Realistic... Margo understands todays market and knows if/where and how a screenplay fits in. Her grasp of script formatting and writing style makes her a
wizard at finding the pitfalls that can ruin the ever-so-essential first impression that every screenplay must make.

N. Rizq-- Florida

**I employed Margo Prescott as a consultant on several screenplays. Her coverage and advice were invaluable in tightening and strengthening the material. One of
the scripts subsequently was a Nicholl Fellowship quarter-finalist. That script and two others are currently being shopped by various producers.

-B. Bokich --Berkeley, CA
(Blacky recently placed as a Nicholl quarter finalist, Chesterfield finalist, and Nicholl semi-finalist. All six of his scripts are in the hands of producers and
he is very busy "taking meetings":-)

**Margo Prescott's vast experience as both a writer and an agent give her an unmatched ability to view a screenplay from both the artistic and the business
sides. I can honestly say that Margo Prescott provides the absolute best screenplay consultation service of anyone I have encountered in the industry.

D.Goforth Atlanta, GA

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